Netflix recently released a new original television series called “13 Reasons Why.” Overall it is a fresh of breath air. It does not hold back explaining the life of Hannah Baker. Beautiful girl being bullied to the point and experiencing the harshness of adolescent life and all it bears. She sends 13 tapes to all the 13 people she believes are the reason for her to take her own life.

Messages from the grave to the 13 people she causes a hurricane of anxiety and guilt to all those that hear and appear on the tape.

Selena Gomez and her mother both executive produced the show. Apparently it was a seven year project and was released at the right time.

Watching the behind the scenes 40 minute episode special “Beyond the Reasons.” A great insight into the making and how everyone is affected.

The episodes cover very pivotal issues in society and the education system currently.

It talks about the following:

Bystander effect

In life you can either take life by the balls and enjoy it or you can stand by and let it pass you. 13 Reasons displays the reaction of sexual and emotional assault on young people and how a lot of us do actually stand by and just let it happen right in front of our own eyes. We do this without even realising. This show does not emphasis the fact that the bystander is the bad person. It describes that it is difficult as humans that we are not always heroes. In that given moment we are not always helping sometimes we just freeze and it is over before you can even comprehend. It is not til after the damage is done you wish and think of ways in which you could actually help.

Educational System

A big issue that is brought up consistently, 13 reasons finds faults in the education system. Anti – Bullying initiatives and suicide awareness campaigns do need more funding and do require more focus on these types of issues within the young people community and schools world wide. It was really interesting seeing the educational system is really just a money making organisation taking no accountability. This is the world we live in now. A human life is not more important than a reputation. We recognise this endlessly. That we are people and business forget that it is a life a stake not a number or an monetary asset for you to use as you please or self gain.

In a capitalistic world and corporate environments. People are used a pawns in a chess game while the king and queen use you as you please for self gain. You are contributing to the fact that you are just a number and disposable.




in the “Beyond the Reasons” the character that plays Justin. Said “She has to say yes.” Unforunately I don’t agree entirely with that statement. It has come to the point in time that males do need to be educated simply to protect not only the other person but themselves. It is a ageless argument about CONSENT, with many opinions about what is consensual and what is not.  Different perspectives have difficult outlooks and experiences this is was it is very hard to get a clear definition.

In this day in age we do need to educate males that “No, means no.” Also that they need to stand clear of putting themselves into these situations. We have all heard stories of men saying she wanted it while a woman is intoxicated. Which in turn this actually has come down to males being aware if a partner/female (21st Century should be less gender specific) has or is intoxicated to deny any sort of sexual encounter. This is not because you are predators, this is purely to protect yourselves. At the same time this also protect the other person as well.

Now I do understand being a woman myself we can be very manipulative. When females don’t get what they want also tend to feel offended. Yes, are taking yourself out of the equal in that situation where you are badly talked about at school on Monday. At the end of the day, there could be worst consequences.

Finally woman around the world are constantly trying to overcome these issues but us as woman do find it difficult to find common ground about the issue. As I mean who should be doing what, woman should be less provocative all that bullshit. I’m not going to get into that because I rather be solution focused than problematic.

if this blog had a lot of readers I know people would be going HAM on me about this section. No offence is mean’t or directed. I do not and will not ever believe rape is okay and should be treated as if it means nothing. It is illegal and disgusting. Whether is be female or males. 

Hannah Baker

You could suggest many ways Hannah could have stopped from taking her life. Though that is not the point, it is to understand that it takes a lot for a someone to even get to this place. Its an argument that you could just not win, if you have not experienced anything of this stature. Of course you can have an opinion.


I remember you back in my junior years of high school.

I never directly talked to you. I never really gave you the time of day. I remember I was at the mall you were talking to Nathan while I stood back and gave you not a welcoming stare. When you left I jumped on the high school bandwagon and I didn’t even know you. I guess we all deal with things in a fucked up way. It was never you, it was definitely me.

Every year you actually do constantly pop into my mind because when you left I know we didn’t even know each other but you actually changed my life to be a better person. It is disgusting I had to realise this after you were gone. But thank you, because no one wants to be a bitch.

After that moment I realised our school made it so silent and didn’t celebrate you as they should of there was no awareness. Rangitoto College did fuck all now that I think about it. They wouldn’t let anything leave that room. Its not about appearance but it is interesting after watching this show how fucked our educational system really is.

What I do remember though, was our form was so much tighter is changed our form for the rest of our high school years or maybe we just matured. I definitely know it alter something in more for sure.

I remember I paid tribute to you a couple years later but remembering you and spelt your name wrong and Rosie shamed me for it. I was so embarrassed because I actually really did mean it.

Guilt for the person I was back then is what I’m sad about. My sister and I tried to look after your sister after but we were probably more fucked up then her.

I haven’t heard much about her since she was friends with my sister. Jenn tells me she is cool and cute AF.

I hope you forgive me for what I was indirectly like to you without even knowing. I wish our 7th form leavers video we included you in it.  I want you to know I can’t emphasise this enough … I know we didn’t know each other well. But know I am actually always thinking about you which you could probably tell if you can read my mind.HAHAHA weird I know but I can’t help it

Hope your having a great time up there.




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