Saturday 25th February, marks the day of my baby sisters 21st birthday party. The first of many our family will throw I am sure. Now the three weeks prior to this very memorable event. My parents and sister were so stressed it started to not feel that fun. Although in good old family tradition we put on a great show and I think we pulled off an amazing night.

My sister’s name is Maddy. Absolute babe, and very at one with who she is but a mass case of anxiety. Who doesn’t these days. Every 21st birthday our parents offer us either money or a party. Maddy chose party, I chose money to travel. Which shows how different we are.

Birthday Party Wishes:

  • Real Chill – Dad’s house
  • Live Band – Playing old dd tunes (LOVE)
  • Good company
  • Food & Beverage provided

Dad’s House:

Dad’s house a.k.a Bachelor Midlife Crisis Pad. Kidding, love you dad. It’s kitted out with a massive smart TV, PlayStation 4, Spa and kayaks with a massive back yard. 2 bedroom unit with a huge deck. Great for entertaining. PERFECT place for a live band and entertaining guest.

Live Band:

So I went to school with these guys, man they were actually so great. Of course I remember listening to them in High School but you never appreciate it at that point. Your to self involved but it was lovely to see blast from the past and the effort they put into performing all those covers was amazing. You couldn’t ask for a better trio to make the experience all that much better. Now, between you and I. I believe my sister got this band on purpose because little did I know. Mum made it clear during my dads speech, which she interrupted. That she was actually crushing on the lead singer back in High School when he was featured on a shapes add. 16992194_1009343255866737_8751269422535940450_o.jpg

The lead singer Henry, which I think his stage name is Charles.Dad kept calling him Charles which was real weird but not my problem. Now Henry, was that cool musical unique dude with long blonde perfect hair in high school. As stereotypical as it is, he has got the look and the charm. Needless to say his little brother is just a younger version but I reckon the better one. How is that fair. Family genes are strong in this one. Can’t forget the drummer as well. Who doesn’t love a drummer.

Enough talking about physical attributes, great trio, great band. Solid performance that made the night so memorable. I seriously hope I bump into them in the future and they have excelled within the industry. So much feels

Good Company:

In fact great company. All our closets friends and family were invited and made it a night to remember.

Food & Beverage:

The old man organized an ice cold keg along with the old lady providing a very colourful punch. Also later in the night having bottle popping left right and centre. Uncle Gordon provided top shelf mango punch which was superb.


So it started people pouring in after 6pm, family on time and friends fashionably late. Yard set up like a garden party with dressed up tables and chairs along with the beer pong table in full swing. The drinks table filled and the nostalgia settling in nicely with the sweet sounds of Bob Marley covers in the background.

As time got on the photographer came as he snapped away and the pizza being delivered and distributed to all the adolescent binge drinkers. I don’t remember much about the speeches but I do remember my mother interrupting my dads speech and my little brother interrupting mine. Flashback’s to me swearing, but the icing on the cake was my mother and sister surprised me during there speech by offering a birthday cake in-front of everyone that was themed Tarzan.


You have to understand I am a strong independent woman but I seriously have some deep emotions that surface from time to time.Everyone also sung happy birthday to me while I blew out my candles. I really couldn’t care less because my sister is so selfless she though of me on her 21st. Best sister in the world. Such a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life.


The reason I hysterically cried on my 21st birthday my parents decided to get a divorce. I did want a party but my Mother and Father and family did not have the emotional capacity to face there closets friends and family. Understandable as it was, I was gutted at the end of the day because I was hoping they would put there differences and past a side for one night to celebrate my achievements from a traumatic childhood. Also use it as a stepping stone to move forward and finally have some happiness throughout all the darkness during that time. I never needed the party, but I never got a cake.


My sister and I were not the best of friends growing up but we have always been on the same page. She is the other half of me and I literally can not go a day without talking to her. My sister is my soulmate when we do life we may be in different countries but we always find away to do it together.


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