Last night I was able to witness one of the greatest bands of all time. All together on one stage joined by Angus Young from AC-DC. Don’t get me wrong I am not a huge rock fan but I appreciate music and the historical value it has impacted.

Rock music was such a controversial genre in its time. My first taste of Rock music:

Road-tripping with my dad he started playing the music he loved growing up. The first song being the infamous “Paradise City” straight away I was amazed by the amazing guitarist Slash and vocals from Axl Rose. Co-in-siding with that experience, one of my all time favourite movies Stepbrothers. There is the iconic car scene where a family of four is singing an incredible quartet. Later to find out the original song is a GnR classic. Check it out if you haven’t already

I was fortunate enough to score myself a ticket from one of my work colleagues. they had a spear ticket because they had a friend that could not attend. So I took it and I don’t regret paying $150AUD at all. Between you and I, the price will never reflect the absolute FUEGO that come from such an iconic bad.

AGE was not a factor for Axl Rose’s supreme vocals, also the talent had not faded from the fingers of the GOAT Slash. Looking rather old did not hider there ability to grace Melbourne Cricket Ground with there fantastic performance. Although I did speak to few people in the line for drinks that were in General Admission. The sound was difficult to hear because of the echo. So I was definitely happy to be in Gold Reserve where you sat down.

The Funniest Part:

Because Axl Rose is so self involved. He came out at said HELLO SYDNEY. Dude we are in Melbourne. Melbourne is very proud of there city and are very anti-Sydney. When introducing his other members of the band. He mixed up the names of the guitarist. Seriously not a lot was going on upstairs but he made it up with a stellar performance.

Worst Part:

Merchandise was seriously over priced. The sound was pretty shit to start with, more because of the venue having a real echo effect. However, the sound was adjusted and finished perfectly. They also were 45 minutes late but hey I actually expect that.


Everyone is not a big fan of the Album Chinese Democracy. So they banged them out in the first few song and then getting everyone to there feet at the start with “Welcome To The Jungle.” The set list and performance time was great. Atmosphere of 75,000 people was such a sight and to be a part of it on a school night with work the next morning, made it all worth it.

Set list:

It’s So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle
Double Talkin’ Jive
Live and Let Die (Wings Cover)
Rocket Queen
You Could Be Mine
New Rose (The Damned Cover, with ‘You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory’ intro)
This I Love
Civil War (With ‘Voodoo Child’ outro)
Slash Guitar Solo
Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From ‘The Godfather’, Nino Rota Cover)
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Used to Love Her
Out Ta Get Me
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)
November Rain
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan Cover)


The Seeker (The Who Cover)
Paradise City

Thank you Gunners for a great Melbourne Evening



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