I am a massive ROMANCE NOVEL FAN. From Sylvia Day’s Crossfire Series to Jamie Mcguire’s Beautiful Disaster trilogy. Now Fifty Shades I have not read, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the hype around it and my sister is very invested in this series.

This was my sister’s hilarious reaction:


So obviously in which fifteen minutes I put on gym gear and headed down to the 11am session. Had my large soy mocha in hand and a cheese & tomato toasted sandwich. The session was amazing a huge cinemas with about five other woman. I was ready to see what all the fuss is about.

My friend I think every woman should read erotica or romance novels. Just to provoke the mind to awaken your deeper darker desires.


  • Sylvia Day – Crossfire

Here you meet the curvy damsel herself Eva Tramwell! First day on the job in NYC meeting the powerful but seriously handsome Gideon Cross and to mention a multimillionaire that runs an empire he built back up from his dads bad reputation. Instantly falling for Eva, while she turns his life upside down and vice versa. There both crazy and totally obsessive but it is one of the first series that got me hooked in this type of genre.

  • Julie Kenner – Stark Series

My Sister’s  Pick:  For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You comes an erotic, emotionally charged romance between a powerful man who’s never heard “no” and a fiery woman who says “yes” on her own terms. – Amazon.com

  • Jamie Mcguire – Beautiful Trilogy

Suffering from Fifty Shades withdrawal symptoms? Then meet Travis…Good Girl. Abby Abernathy doesn’t drink or swear and she works hard. Abby believes she has created enough distance between her and the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college, her dreams of a new beginning are quickly challenged by the university’s walking one-night stand. Bad Boy. Travis Maddox, handsome, built, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs – and wants – to avoid. He spends his nights winning money in a floating fight club, and his days as the notorious college Lothario. A disaster waiting to happen…Intrigued by Abby’s resistance to his charms, Travis tricks her into his life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain celibate for a month. If Abby loses, she must live in Travis’ apartment for the same amount of time. Or the start of something beautiful? Either way, Travis has no idea that he has met his match. Or that this is the start of an obsessive, intense relationship that will lead them both into unimaginable territory… – https://www.bookdepository.com/Beautiful-Disaster-Jamie-Mcguire/9781471115035

Whether your single, in a relationship or married I think genres awaken mental and physical desires. Also a lot to relate within these novels. Twilight in away is among these fantasy/erotic/romance novels.

MALES, when I speak to them about any sort of erotic novel just make THIS LIKE  WEIRD FACE. This is a great indicator, those who act as if hey that’s cool no worries. They are the ones that interest me and alarm bells go off. I find those who are comfortable with things like this have a great sense of identity. Understand themselves not only physically but emotionally also. BUT HEY WHAT THE FUCK DO I KNOW… I’m 23 and could be talking absolute shit.

Have a read, give it ago. Nothing wrong with reading a little bit of trash.



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