This is all real new and unsettling for me. My mother has started dating and has not advised my dad she has started. I understand that she is a strong independent women that does not have to answer to her ex-husband but DAMN I can’t help but feel real awkward about it.

To be quite honest with you, the real reason I choose to go and travel was to get as far away from my crazy dysfunctional family. I remember I used to think I can’t leave my family because they need me most right now. Just over 6 months ago our family house caught lit when a faulty lamp destroyed the entire house. When you think a house burning down you don’t really understand how it feels until it happens to you and you realize all your physical belonging’s that has no real monetary value are irreplaceable. Not long before that more things happen.

Big families are so fun because there is always something happening and going on. In mine I fully feel this is just a thing. As soon as life says you are on your way, another situation happens to ensure that you don’t ever get to comfortable with life.

My Mother is one of the most amazing people I know. Adopted at such a young age by a paraplegic women and a alcoholic Niuean railroad worker. At age 21, rummaging through a closet of old clothes, in a shoe box she came across her birth certificate stating she was adopted. Imagine finding out on your 21st birthday, you were so caught up in a lie. Later that year falling pregnant with your first born child with no husband. Being 23 years old now I could not even consider what would be going through her head at that time. Growing up in lies and having a huge clash with identity.

This is a very brief description of my mothers journey and actually filtering out the worst of it all. It is more inspiring to me to learn from my mother mistakes and understanding that people are so much more beyond what you see among the surface.

Not only was she facing an identity crisis but also a young brown single mother in that day in age was frowned upon. Strangers, friends and family judging a woman not even a woman. Still with the mentality of a child, she considered herself as ” a baby looking after a baby.”

I feel for everyone that is living a life that is not considered normal or successful by society. That is definitely what society is doing to young men and women.

MUM DATING I just want her to be happy. She’s done a great job, all her children are bright, healthy and successful. Although the possibility of seeing my mother heartbroken in today’s dating society just puts me in a mood. A wonderful woman that has been through such adversity does not deserve to go on dating sites to find love. PLEASE SOMEONE COME ALONG SWEEP HER OFF HER FEET.

What I want to know is if this is how I feel and I’m 23 and live in a different country. How does my brothers and sisters in high school handle it.

We all want our parents to be happy because they’ve sacrificed so much but something has definitely got to give. I’m just waiting for the next thing to happen. We all are.




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