It’s Monday evening, currently lying in bed after I finally got the motivation to go to the gym & might I add I lasted all of two hours before I went home sick.

Friday night started at Sister Belle, commonly known for the kardashian selfie pic displayed to your left there. If you look close enough you can actually see someone’s artistically drawn a penis on Kim K. Unlucky

Now all intentions were to catch up with Ella from home and just see what each other has been up to and have a chill one. No total opposite I found myself having a few two many with French guys, missioning all around Melbourne pub crawling also finding myself yelling out how bout dat and speaking with some world class bogan at the worst backpacker bar on Elizabeth St, The Joint Bar.

I lie I actually love that bar. I met the love of my life there he was a French surfer and I forgot his name showed him around Melbourne whilst tripping on Molly & having to rush him out because my flat mates mum was coming round. Memories, seriously I hope I bump into him somewhere in life. I’m not even joking, don’t judge me.

Moving on … most young professionals in a corporate industry that I associate with all seem to have in common:

  1. They are all FAKING IT TILL THEY MAKE IT. If you haven’t worked out by now that your boss has been doing this. You actually need to wake up.
  2. Most actually hate there jobs.
  3. Almost every single one seem like they have there lives together. Those who hide it best are always the ones with the most messed up. Trust me
  4. The serious ones are always disappointed & the ones who don’t care actually seem happier. There my kind of people.
  5. It will and will always be about WHO YOU KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU KNOW.

There’s more to this list but the reason why is because I watched a minimalist documentary. As he was introducing himself he said ‘wasted my life climbing corporate ladder.’ In complete agreence that is just something I’m not ready for.

Time is definitely a factor of life I have learned the hard way. It is something that you will never get back. I wasted two years of my life working at a dead end call centre working for a company I would work endless overtime hours for and received no recognition. What I realised was how privileged my mentally was. To expect to be recognised for doing my job and my recognition is my salary. A fine line between entitlement and incentive.

I spent three years studying for a degree in comerece because that’s what My parents wanted me to do to make them proud and happy.

I also spent two years (here comes the soapy chick feels entry) constantly putting in effort for a guy who was so manipulative and shady. I ended up looking like a fool because not only did he make me look like a fool. I had a whole bunch of women I sought out as my fellow friends, cheering him on.

Don’t me wrong that little girl stuff happens but you’ll never forget how that make you feel. My parents decided to get devoriced on my birthday whilst that was all going on in the background.

IT ALL CHANGED … 2015 NYE countdown. I had my friends, I was at Rhythm & Vines festival with him. I turned to kiss him and he said no later he actually told me he could never that’s a different story. Anyway it was the first sunrise of 2016, as I watched the sun bring in the new year. I literally laughed at myself and asked “WTF ARE YOU DOING, YOU WEAK ASS BITCH” that’s when it changed.

Friday night drinks not only releases the fact of a hard weeks work at my least favourite place in the world but it’s a reminder how far I’ve come and to celebrate. This is a very small discription of a very large fucked up story. As I feel more comfortable with blogging I will release more real and raw shit that you have never heard before.


This is is just child’s play right now.

As I read the other day, don’t for get to




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