Need to know:

  • Location: Gili T Night #3
  • This is the only night I remember in Gili Trawangan
  • Day 9
  • Girls Trip : 5 Girls
  • 3 Remained asleep from the nights before Fullmoon Party
  • Just completed 8 tour around Bali w Wanderlands.Travel


  • img_00171


It’s always trouble when someone suggests an all-girls trip. Firstly, we all know it’s all fun and games initially but then as time goes on situations happen and memories are definitely made whether them being positive or negative.

Gili Trawangan you always know to  start at Jungle Bar. Firstly it was literally across the road from our cheap and nasty resort but it is simply the cheapest and the atmosphere is always pristine.

We got two buckets and started our night soon enough we meet a whole bunch of backpackers started having a bit of banter. Next thing you know there is a fully bearded man holding two big vodka bottles above you forcing you to pull your head back and your mouth wide. During this time our tour guides friend we met the day before turned up with his date, she was so lovely. We all meeting her and having a good old dance and chat. My eyes and alcohol were deceiving me. Dude she was a dude. He was telling me she was actually a prostitute I was horrified.

TBH I lasted all of 2 hours before I needed to have a power nap in our room.  The alarm was set for an hour; I know its weak but don’t judge me. I vomited in the public toilet right outside my hotel room.

Hour had passed and Jordy had come back with food and a new friend ZIGGY the ultimate local. I have never met a nicer person no English but seriously the locals have it on lock over there. He showed us round and introduced us to so many people. We meet this trippy dude from Whangarei, New Zealand. Dreadlocks for days but such a golden moment to hear that unique New Zealand accent.

As the night went on JIGGY was the only place left open. ZIGGY all night was hooking it up with free alcohol. He would go to tourist that he was close with and asked for money and they would just give it to him and return with Bintang of course.

We posted up at this beer pong table early that day I meet this guy at the ATM machine Canadian he’d told me to later come to Jiggy and play beer pong because they were the champion’s blah blah blah. I had fully forgot anyway long story short we won, they cried and they were such sore losers.

We stumbled home, woke up and had to pretend it wasn’t that fun for the others


Dear Gili, I’ll be back.

Love Jordi


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