1982124_768599193274361_7936089731468284170_nSooooo a year is on and this time last year I did not write in my blog not even once. In that time I got my heart broken, my parents somehow divorced and ended up moving countries.

So I now live in the greatest city in AUSTRALIA. Residing in the mighty “Burn City” scientifically known as Melbourne. I have lived here over a year and still don’t know myself or what the freak I’m doing with my life. BUT ALL IS GOOD.

Currently 23, single and not where I want to be physically (SIGH.) I actually DGAF (don’t give a f***.) Although as of May 16th I leave to SOUTHEAST ASIA for 60 days. Side note, I’m broke and have no idea what I’m doing because I’m winging it like a boss (not boss like at all). Then topping it off my flight actually doesn’t head home it heads to London, ENGLAND. Yaaay no visa, no  $$$ & no job.

Friends walk with me through as I just wing my life one step at a time

Signing out & welcoming 2017



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